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Instrument:Self Playing Pianos - Player Add-On Systems - Digital Pianos - Hammond Church Organs & Leslie Speakers
Date:July 15, 2018

Self Playing Pianos – Player Add-On Systems – Digital Pianos – Hammond Church Organs & Leslie Speakers

At Award Piano we realize that not everyone is a concert pianist. In fact, many people who own or desire to own a piano do not know how to play the instrument at all—and that is OK! Sometimes pianos are passed down as family heirlooms, and sometimes they are bought to give a space elegance and warmth. Whatever the reason may be, some pianos are left untouched and unheard for years. But a self-playing system from Award Piano in North Texas can bring your piano to life. We can outfit almost any piano with a device that allows the instrument to play itself—and for those who do not yet own a piano, we have self-playing pianos for sale that promise beautiful sound for years on end.

IN LIVING ROOMS AROUND THE WORLD, MASTERFUL works by history’s greatest composers are being kept alive through computer-equipped self-playing pianos friendly partnered with an i-pad, smart phone or other devices. For those who don’t play the piano but are lucky enough to own a piano, state of the art self-playing technology means that the instrument need no longer sit idle and lifeless in your home. Contact McBrayer’s thru the contact widjet below to find out how.

Virtually any piano can be fitted with a self-playing system by QRS Player Systems (recommended) and featured in a short video presentation.

Contact McBrayer’s thru the easy contact widget below & provide us brief info on the type of piano you own or let us know you may want to purchase a self playing piano then let us know best then how to contact you. Award Piano is an authorized seller for QRS Music using approved factory trained technicians for installation of Pianomation player systems
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