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Instrument:Steinway Pianos / Handcrafted Brands
Date:January 16, 2020

Steinway Pianos / Handcrafted Brands




There are basically two types of pianos manufactured: Handcrafted & Mass Produced.

Handcrafted pianos typically cost more since they take much longer to construct and are made from the highest quality materials.

So why invest more for Handcrafted pianos and Premium Grade American made pianos?

There are primarily 5 reasons:

1. The dynamic qualities in piano tone
2. The unique response of a precision made piano action
3. Pride in ownership
4. Longevity of use
5. Value retention


SELECTED ONLINE DEALS!   PRICE INCLUDES: delivery/tuning/bench/warranty

STEINWAY & SONS Grand Pianos  (Model M ~ L or A) @ $14,599-$16K

YAMAHA CONSERVATORY Model Grand Pianos @ $9600-$14K

PREMIUM Model Vintage Grand Pianos ‘made in the USA’ starting @ $7K

Hand Made Piano Brands – Premium grade piano models – Made in the USA name brands: Steinway Petrof Boston Kawai RX Baldwin Charles Walter Chickering Knabe Mason & Hamlin Sohmer Hardman and very few others.