Mansfield Piano Certified Value Appraisal & Piano Estimates For Insurance

For trusted local Mansfield area team that can provide a certified value appraisal of your piano, contact the piano experts at McBrayer’s Award Piano. We provide Mansfield area piano estimates for insurance purposes and can step in when disaster strikes, damaging your beloved instrument.

Certified Value Appraisals & Estimates

Award Piano has become the reliable source for piano owners who have experienced damage and need restoration services, appraisals, and estimates. We are passionate about pianos and understand their value when it comes to your estate. For a nominal fee, we offer certified value appraisals for Mansfield area piano owners so that there’s no doubt about the value of your piano if a disaster should occur. Getting a certified appraisal done will eliminate the additional stress that can come from trying to prove what your piano is worth when you’re dealing with home damage. Let us provide you with an honest value. We offer Mansfield area piano estimates for insurance needs and can work with your insurance agent or professional to ensure that your piano is either replaced or restored to it’s original condition. We will work tirelessly to ensure your restoration or replacement costs are not underestimated.

Comprehensive Piano Services

As one of the oldest local piano stores in the area, Award Piano truly understands pianos and how they work. We’re pleased to provide our customers with a full range of care when it comes to your valuable instruments including piano tuning and restoration. You’ll also find name brand refurbished upright, grand, and baby grand pianos for sale at our full service piano shop near Mansfield. All our instruments are fully regulated and in top condition, waiting for a new owner. Additionally, if you need a safe, secure place to temporarily house your piano, Award Piano provides Mansfield area piano storage. We’ll keep your piano in a climate and humidity controlled facility until you need it back again. For those interested in selling a used piano, give us a call. We are always on the hunt for top-quality, name brand pianos to add to our showroom.

If you’d like to make an appointment to receive a certified value appraisal on your piano near Mansfield or want to see our incredible selection of pre-owned pianos, call Award Piano today at 817-429-7777 to schedule your personalized showroom visit.