Why Buy From McBrayers?

Let us count the reasons…

Worry free – When you start with quality pianos, add a knowledgeable support staff, free delivery, one of the best warranties in the business, a lifetime full-value trade-in policy and a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction you can be assured you are receiving a great piano value.

Low overhead – Our showroom doesn’t have crystal chandeliers, mirrored walls or oriental rugs, just beautiful pianos. We don’t even employ a sales staff. Our quality pianos speak for themselves! By keeping our costs down we keep your costs down!

Great prices – Most of our pianos are priced at half their original cost. But more important than low price is Value… the combination of low prices and high quality. That’s what sets us apart from our competition! You will be choosing from high-end top of the line piano brands.

Knowledgeable staff – When teachers and piano technicians visit us they recognize the proper facilities and tools needed to provide good service. When you come to see us you should be able to sense our knowledge and respect for this wonderful and amazing instrument. And, we are members of NAMM.

Thousands of satisfied customers – Browse our showroom and read the thank you letters on our walls. Letters from all over the country that truly demonstrate customer satisfaction. When is the last time you were so happy with a purchase that you took the time to write?

Top brands – Choose from Steinway,Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, Chickering, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Young Chang and more.

Free delivery – We provide FREE DELIVERY within the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area and offer very low rates for delivery outside our area. However if you buy like one customer from Houston did and bring someone else to buy (two for one) we just might deliver both for free.

Free bench – With every piano! Some fancy pants stores charge for the bench. Can you believe it?

Lifetime trade-in policy – That’s right! When you buy any McBrayer’s Award Piano you can trade it in…ANYTIME! The full price you paid will be credited toward the next purchase of greater value including removal and pick up with no charge. This is in writing. The only condition is that you have the piano serviced at least once per year by us or any independent PTG technician of your choice.

Excellent service – We have the world’s finest piano tuners and repairmen. A great number of professional artists and piano teachers call on us exclusively for service of their pianos.

Family owned – Since 1895.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor – Because we perform a complete action regulation on EVERY piano prior to delivery we rarely need to do adjustments in home. Nationwide the chances are near zero of you getting proper action regulation prep from a new piano dealer before delivery.

Fully regulated pianos – Prior to delivery all of our pianos go through a rigorous 25-step (upright) to 34-step (grand) regulation procedure. Regulation is a time consuming labor intensive process in which the internal moving action parts are adjusted and aligned to their original factory specs. Each step of the regulation procedure needs to be repeated 88 times (88 keys!) This is why well over 100 piano teachers and technicians send their students and customers exclusively to us. They know it is important to perform this procedure and they also know that very few fancy pants piano retail stores will regulate their new or used pianos before delivery. It costs too much.