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Baldwin Hamilton Classic Studio upright w/bench

Boston mdl UP-118c upright w/bench

Steinway mdl 45 upright w/bench 


Cherry Wood Console

Full console playing action and simple Provincial cherry wood styling. 10 yr warranty included.

YAMAHA mdl U-1 w/bench

YAMAHA mdl U-1 w/bench

High polish ebony. Like brand new-1 owner. 10 yr warranty included.


YAMAHA GH-1 baby grand w/ bench

Traditional walnut styling, 2 available, the lighter finish as pictured and a darker, also in walnut… 10 yr warranty.

26Side ViewSteinway 5'10" mdl O grand piano w/benchFront View

Steinway 5’10” mdl O grand piano w/bench

Bernhard Steiner 4'7" mdl BG-407 baby grand w/bench

Bernhard Steiner 4’7″ mdl BG-407 QRS player baby grand w/bench – s/n IOFG0607

Steinway 5'7" mdl M grand piano w/bench

Steinway 5’7″ mdl M grand piano w/bench – s/n 279927 circa 1935

2 uprights

 Fully refurbished used pianos from $1500.00

includes a bench,local delivery, home tuning and a comprehensive warranty.

Steinway 5'7" mdl M grand piano w/bench  s/n 279927 circa 1935 Piano is in original condition; restoration recommended

Yamaha 5’8″ mdl C-2 grand piano w/bench

Piano is in a flawless polish ebony finish and in like new condition.


Hammond B-3 Church / Band mdl organ w/bench

Organ is very good condition and appears to have had little if any professional  (church or band venue) playing time throughout the years.


Leslie mdl 122a

yamaha upright

Yamaha Professinal mdl upright U-3 w/bench

polish ebony. One of Yamaha’s most popular piano models and refurbished where needed.


Yamaha console mdl w/bench

Stock #U40376 circa 1970. Beautiful dark oak Mediterranean finish. Piano has been refurbished where needed and is equipped with a functioning soft / practice pedal.

Steigerman 5’1″ mdl 151 baby grand piano w/bench. Polished cherry / mahogany

Stock #U60454 s/n 01988. Classy looking piano sure to be the envy of all who look upon it. Excellent quality instrument.


Wurlitzer ‘Continental style’ console mdl WP-50 w/bench

Stock #U40373 s/n 520203438 circa 2001 polished cherry / mahogany. Like brand new.

Award Piano is a premier provider of high-quality used and pre-owned pianos for sale in Texas. You can browse the pianos featured on our site or visit our showroom (by appointment only) to view our full stock. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and we go to great lengths to ensure that your piano-buying experience is a good one. Many of our products are restored or repaired to their original look and quality—and, we provide as much information about the original piano as possible. To ensure that each internal action part is aligned to the original factory specifications, we perform a complete action regulation on each and every piano. This is a time consuming and difficult step that many piano sellers choose to either skip or ignore.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty, a lifetime trade-in policy, and delivery is included. Our refurbished and pre-owned pianos for sale are so well-maintained that it is often hard to distinguish them from newer models. Contact us today if you are interested in pricing or wish to view our showroom in person.

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