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Pianos that are prized by their owners are tuned regularly, usually once every six months for domestic pianos

Out of tune pianos tend to be unpleasant to play and listen to and make learners and enthusiasts alike less interested in playing to an extent that varies with the ear of the listener. A tuning hammer and tuning mutes are the main tools that piano technicians use. Some tuners use pure aural techniques while some tuners use electronic tuning devices. Formally trained and experienced tuners find that the use of electronic tuning devices is unnecessary, important elements associated with trained aural tuners are often left out by those relying on electronic tuning devices.

Pianos go out of tune primarily because of changes in humidity. Tuning can be made more secure by installing special equipment to regulate humidity, inside or underneath the piano. There is no evidence that being out-of-tune permanently harms the piano itself. However, a long-term low-humidity/high humidity environment will eventually cause the soundboard to crack and the keys and other wooden parts to warp.

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