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Certified Used Pianos – Searchable List

Stock #
Showroom Krell French Upright (Art Decco) Antique Upright 01 02 03 U10124 Mahogany Ribbon Grain
Showroom Wilhelm Steinberg 52" P121 (NEW)–Locs Upright N10003 Ebony Polish
Showroom Wilhelm Steinberg 52" P121 (NEW) Upright/Studio coming N50003 Ebony Polish
Warehouse PA Starck Full Size Upright Upright photo 04 U10126 Brown Medium
Showroom Yamaha U7 — SOLD Upright coming U10127 Teak
Showroom Baldwin Acrosonic Model 4026 (Provincial) — SOLD Console 23v (2) U40418 Cherry
Showroom Baldwin Hamilton Classic — SOLD Console photo 12 U40398 Mahogany Ribbon Grain
Showroom Cable Console — SOLD Console 18v U40413 Ranch Oak
Showroom Conover Cable model: CC-043F (French Provincial) Console coming U40420 Oak
Showroom Kawai 607 (Provincial) — SOLD Console 22v U40416 Cherry Dark
Showroom Kawai 701-T — SOLD Console coming U40423 Traditional American Walnut
Showroom Kimball (Italian Provincial) — SOLD Console SOLD U40410 Walnut Brown Medium
Showroom Kimball — SOLD Console photo 11 U40411 Ash Medium
Showroom Kimball Console get photo U40421
Showroom Kimball Console get photo R40212
Showroom Kimball 437F (French Provincial) Console 21v (3) U40415 Ranch Oak
Showroom Kohler & Campbell (Italian Provincial) — SOLD Console photo 16 U40402 Ash Medium
Showroom Mason & Hamlin — SOLD Console 24v U40417 Walnut Dark – Traditional
Showroom Steinway & Sons Console coming U40422
Showroom Wurlitzer 2727 (Classroom Model) — SOLD Console photo 10 U40374 Walnut Dark
Showroom Wurlitzer WA-50 (Contemporary Continental) — SOLD Console photo 10 U40373 Mahogany Ribbon Grain -Polished
Showroom Wurlitzer 2860 (Provincial) — SOLD Console photo 13 U40412 Cherry Dark Brown
Showroom Wurlitzer Console 1w (2) U40414 Ranch Oak
Showroom Wurlitzer — SOLD Console U40424
Showroom Yamaha M1A Console coming U40425
Showroom Yamaha M402 (Italian Provincial) Console photo 09 U40388 Oak Medium
Showroom Yamaha (Italian Provincial) — SOLD Console photo 08 U40394 Ash Brown Medium
Showroom Yamaha (Mediteranian) — SOLD Console photo 17 U40376 Oak Medium
Showroom Yamaha M450 TAO — SOLD Console photo 17 U40403 Oak Contemporary
Showroom Yamaha 214B — SOLD Console coming U40419 Dark American Walnut
Showroom Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet photo 07 U30276 Mahogany Red
Showroom Cable Spinet Spinet get photo U30281
Showroom Gulbransen Spinet — SOLD Spinet U30282 Maple – French Provincial
Showroom Wurlitzer Spinet Spinet photo 05 U30274 Maple Early American
Showroom Wurlitzer Spinet — SOLD Spinet photo 06 U30275 Maple Cherry Early American
Showroom Wurlitzer Spinet — SOLD Spinet U30280 Orchard cherry
Showroom Wurlitzer Spinet Spinet coming U30283 Cherry Contemporary
Showroom A.GEYER GU-123 (NEW) — SOLD Studio N50001 Ebony Polish
Showroom GEBR-SCHULZ G-20 (NEW) Studio coming N50002 Ebony Polish
Showroom Boston UP-118S PE 46" Upright (Classroom Model) Studio photo 16 U50128 Oak Light
Showroom Kawai CX-5H 45" Studio — SOLD Studio photo 14 U50131 Black Ebony – Polish
Showroom Everett studio — SOLD Studio U50132 Cherry – Institutional model
Showroom HM Cable Studio UH-22T 48” — SOLD Studio 19v (3) U50135 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom HOBART M. CABLE Studio Studio coming U50140
Showroom Perzina Studio GP-122 Studio coming C50014
Showroom Sohmer Studio model 45 — SOLD Studio 26v U50138
Showroom Wurlitzer studio Studio 25v U50133
Showroom Yamaha U1 Studio — SOLD Studio coming U50141
Showroom Yamaha WX-1 Studio 48” — SOLD Studio 20v (3) U50136 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Yamaha WX-1 Studio — SOLD Studio coming U50139 Rich American Walnut
Showroom Brodmann Upright — SOLD Upright C50013
Showroom Young Chang Y-131 51" Studio Upright photo 15 U50130 Mahogany Dark Ribbon Grain-Polished
Showroom Bernard Steiner 4'8" (CD upgradable to wireless) – video below ( ) Grand Player 24 (3) & video U60448 Cherry Mahogany Polished
Showroom Baldwin C – 6' 3" Grand photo 19 U60464 Brown Medium
Showroom Baldwin M Grand photo 20 U60426 Brown Medium
Showroom Baldwin R – 5' 8" — SOLD Grand photo 19 U60482 Walnut Medium
Showroom GEBR-SCHULZ GSG-150 (New) 5' Grand coming N60001 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom GEBR-SCHULZ GSG-160 (New) Grand coming N60002 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom GEBR-SCHULZ GSG-170 (New) Grand coming N60003 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Hardman 5’ — SOLD Grand photo 21 U60471 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Howard C171 – 5' 8" (Floppy upgradable to wireless) Grand Player photo 22 C60105 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Kawai GE1 – 5' 1" (70th Anniversary Edition) — SOLD Grand photo 24 U60487 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Kawai GE1 – 5' 1" Grand 28 29 C60107 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Mason & Hamlin A – 5' 8" Grand photo 20 U60466 Black Lacquer – Satin
Showroom Mason & Hamlin A – 5' 8" Grand photo 20 U60459 Fruitwood
Showroom Nordiska Grand – 6' Grand 23 (3) U60476 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Petrof Grand – 5' 8" model PIII Styl — SOLD Grand photo 23 C60106 Cherry
Showroom Ritmueller 4’10” GP142 (CD upgradable to wireless) Grand Player 23 on side U60481 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Samick 5' 1" SG155 — SOLD Grand photo 23 U60474 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Samick 5' 1" SIG 50 (wireless) — SOLD Grand Player photo 24 U60468 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Schafer & Sons Grand – 5' 10" — SOLD Grand 21 (3) U60434 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Steigerman – 5' 3" Model 151 Grand 24 (3) U60454 Cherry Mahogany Polished
Showroom Steinway L – 5' 10 1/2" Grand photo 19 U60470 Black Lacquer – Satin
Showroom Steinway L – 5' 10 1/2" Grand photo 19 U60285 Black Lacquer – Satin
Showroom Steinway M – video below Grand Video U60420 Walnut
Showroom Steinway M (adjustable stool) Grand coming U60493
Showroom Story & Clark 6’ (wireless) Grand Player photo 22 U60472 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Wagner G157 (by Young Chang/Malaysia) Grand photo 32 U60489 Black Lacquer – Satin
Showroom Weber WG 50 (by Young Chang) 5' — SOLD Grand 30 (2) U60490 Cherry Provincial
Showroom Wurlitzer C173 – 5' 8" — SOLD Grand photo 18 U60488 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Yamaha C1 – 5' 3" — SOLD Grand 31 (4) S60492 Ivory
Showroom Yamaha C2 — SOLD Grand U60496
Showroom Yamaha G2 – 5' 8" (wireless) — SOLD Grand Player photo 22 U60483 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Yamaha G3 – 6' 3" — SOLD Grand photo 21 U60478 Cherry
Showroom Yamaha G3 – 6' 3" Grand get photo U60495
Showroom Yamaha GC1 – 5' 3" — SOLD Grand photo 23 U60479 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Yamaha GH-1 – 5' 3" — SOLD Grand photo 21 U60417 Walnut
Showroom Yamaha GH-1 – 5' 3" Grand get photo U60492 Black Lacquer – Polished
Showroom Hammond B2 (percussion added) Organ photo 25 U70075 Mahogany Brown
Showroom Hammond BV (Jazz sound) Organ photo 25 U70026 Mahogany Dark
Showroom Hammond A-100 ("B" Style Cabinet) Organ photo 25 U70032 Brown Medium
Showroom Hammond CV Organ – pedals/bench Organ photo 27 U70076 Mahogany Brown
Showroom Hammond C3 Organ – pedals/bench Organ U70077 Mahogany Brown
Showroom Leslie 122A (by Suzuki) Speaker photo 25 U72525 Walnut Dark
Showroom Leslie 122A (by Suzuki) Speaker photo 26 U72524 Walnut Dark
Showroom Leslie 122 Speaker photo 27 U72526 Mahogany Dark
Warehouse Knabe Antique Upright get photo U10093
Warehouse Steinway "F" Antique Upright get photo U10095
Warehouse Baldwin Monarch Upright Antique Upright get photo S10131
Warehouse Steinway Duo-Art (Art Cabinet) Antique upright Upright Player get photo U85001
Warehouse Kohler & Campbell Spinet coming U30278 Dark American Pine
Warehouse Wurlitzer Spinet 2w U30279
Warehouse Marrantz Player Studio Studio get photo C83502
Warehouse Steinway studio (Art Case) Studio get photo C5001A
Warehouse Hamilton studio Studio get photo U50129
Warehouse Baldwin Hamilton studio Studio coming U50134
Warehouse Wurlitzer studio Studio coming U50137
Warehouse Baldwin 9ft Grand C60102
Warehouse Baldwin A Grand Grand U60421
Warehouse Baldwin C Parlor Grand 1927 Grand get photo C60108 Traditional Brown Mahogany
Warehouse Baldwin E Grand Grand U60497
Warehouse Chickering & Bros grand Grand C60100
Warehouse Chickering 5'8" Grand U60452
Warehouse Chickering 6 Dbl Leg Grand U60371
Warehouse Chickering Bros Acoustigrand Grand U60432
Warehouse Chickering Corner (Authentic Antique) Grand U60247
Warehouse Chickering Grand Grand U60463
Warehouse Dekalb 5' Grand U60383
Warehouse Emerson 6' (player upgraded to wireless) & Restored Grand Player U84605
Warehouse George Steck w/Piano Disc Grand S60306
Warehouse Henry Detmer 6’2” Grand Grand coming U60486
Warehouse Kimball bg Grand get photo U60485
Warehouse Knabe 5'4" Grand U60330
Warehouse Knabe Ampico Grand Player Grand Player U84605B
Warehouse Knabe Baby Grand Grand U60465
Warehouse Knabe bg Grand coming U60484
Warehouse Knabe Grand Grand R60495
Warehouse Mason & Hamlin A Grand U60361
Warehouse Mason Hamlin A Grand C60081
Warehouse Mason Hamlin A Grand Grand U60430
Warehouse Mason Hamlin A Grand Grand Gallery U60424
Warehouse Steinway A1 Grand 6’2” (ivory keytops) Grand 3w (3) U60491 Ribbon mahogany
Warehouse Steinway "M" Grand w/Pianocorder Grand S60108
Warehouse Steinway 6'10" Art (custom created & artist refinished) Grand U60241
Warehouse Steinway L Grand Grand U60480
Warehouse Steinway "M" Grand coming C60101
Warehouse Steinway "M" 5"7' (1924) Grand U60494
Warehouse Yamaha G3 — SOLD Grand U60469
Warehouse Glentone speaker Speaker U72508

Warehouse pianos are sold “As Is” or to be refurbished.

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