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Grapevine Piano Refinishing & Heirloom Piano Restoration

McBrayer’s Award Piano is the one to trust when it comes to Grapevine area piano refinishing. Our craftsmen have been refinishing pianos for four generations, leaving thousands of customers overjoyed with the results. We take great pride in our Grapevine area heirloom piano restoration results and strive to bring these beautiful instruments back to their original beauty and sound. Rest assured, your vintage piano is in great hands. 

Make Old New Again

Not every piano is the same, in fact, pianos can be very different across brands and models, making our 100+ years of experience crucial. We’ve worked with virtually every brand of piano and understand each one’s inner workings. A handmade piano has a life expectancy of around 50 years, and if properly restored it can last another 50. Mass produced pianos typically do not last as long and are made of lower quality materials. 

If you live near Grapevine and have an heirloom piano in need of fixing, we’d be delighted to help with the restoration. 

Your old piano can look new again and with our expert Grapevine piano refinishing process, we can take a mahogany piano and transform it to glossy black. You’ll have the look of a brand new piano with the superior rich sound of the past. Piano restoration can improve several different aspects of the instrument beyond making the exterior look shiny and new. We can install new hammers, action felts, key brushings, and a new pin block. Some pianos may need restringing, or to have the bridge repaired. We perform a full action regulation on all our pianos prior to delivery. 

Reliable & Skilled Technicians

Our full service retail piano store offers services like moving and storing your piano near Grapevine for when you need a little extra space. We also offer event piano rental to enhance any big event like a wedding or gala. We’ll take care of moving the piano, all you need to do is show up. Piano teachers, concert pianists, and technicians alike recommend Award Piano’s piano experts near Grapevine for outstanding tuning and repair and for our great deals on quality used pianos. We carry every major brand and many vintage and heirloom brands as well. You’ll find incredible prices on quality used pianos near Grapevine, many costing only half of their new retail price. 

If you’re interested in our Grapevine area piano refinishing services or have any other questions regarding pianos, give us a call today at 817-429-7777 to get an estimate or discuss a restoration. We would also be happy to schedule a showroom visit so that you can come by and see our inventory for yourself!