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Keller Piano Storage & Moving & Storing My Piano

Have you recently run out of room in your home or faced some other situation that has you looking for Keller area piano storage? McBrayer’s Award Piano can assist with moving and storing your piano near Keller.

Piano Movers You Can Trust

Most piano owners treasure their instrument which is why you should only trust highly-qualified and trained professionals with moving and storing your piano near Keller. At McBrayer’s Award Piano we have been working with pianos for over 100 years. Our piano services have expanded over four generations and as a full-service piano company we are better equipped to cautiously handle your beloved instrument better than any other piano movers out there. Pianos are large, heavy, and oddly shaped, making them very difficult to move and store. If not done properly with the right equipment and technique, costly damage can occur to the instrument, surrounding areas, and to the person moving the piano. Avoid any unnecessary damage by putting your trust in Award Piano’s Keller area piano moving service. Those other guys may tell you they can move your piano, but moving pianos is vastly different from moving a couch or bed, so it’s best left to the experts. Feel free to call us to get a quote for storing your piano in the Keller area.

Storage Services

You should use McBrayer’s Award Piano when you need Keller area Piano storage because you can rest easy knowing your instrument is in very capable hands. We can even provide climate controlled and humidity controlled piano storage to ensure your instrument remains in top shape. Our prices are reasonable and affordable. Call us today with the details and we can provide you with a quote to store your piano for however long you need.

Servicing and restoring pianos for over 100 years, McBrayer’s Award Piano has the experience and fine craftsmanship in our work that sets us apart from any other piano store near you. We stock many high-end brand name pianos and you’ll receive a piano bench for free with your purchase. Additionally, our customers appreciate our lifetime full-value trade-in policy that allows you to trade in your piano for a credit for the full purchase price at any time. With outstanding policies, prices and customer service, buying a piano has never been easier. Schedule an appointment to view the refurbished pianos for sale in our showroom today, and you won’t be disappointed.

For more information about Keller area piano storage or any of the other piano services we provide, give us a call today at 817-429-7777. We look forward to introducing you to the McBrayer brand and earning your loyalty as a valued customer.