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Keller Refurbished Steinway Piano & Piano Buyer

If you’ve been looking for an affordable refurbished Steinway piano in the Keller area check out McBrayer’s Award Piano. We buy and sell used pianos and offer services like tuning, minor repairs, and restoration. As a Keller area piano buyer, we are always looking for quality pre-owned pianos to add to our showroom of high quality inventory. If you’ve considered selling your used piano, give our team a call, we have the industry expertise to give you an accurate appraisal.

Trained Experts

If anyone can call themselves piano experts, it’s our team at Award Piano. We’ve been in the business for over 100 years through four generations of our family. We have extensive experience working on pianos from all piano brands and models. Piano teachers and technicians highly recommend our tuning services. When you visit our full service piano shop near Keller, you’ll be given personalized service that you won’t experience from big stores. We can help with tuning, repairs, restoration, moving, and even Keller area piano storage. If you need to store your piano temporarily, we’ve got you covered. We focus solely on pianos so you can be rest assured we know what we’re talking about. If you’re just starting out in your search for a quality piano our team can provide advice as to buying a used piano in Keller and what brands and models would be best for you. Our showroom is available by appointment only, and as Keller area piano buyers, we are continually updating our inventory. 

Quality You Can Afford

One of the biggest benefits to buying a preowned piano is the price point. If you’re in the market for a grand piano for sale near you, you should consider purchasing a refurbished Steinway piano at our Keller area store. Many piano-enthusiasts have been able to afford the piano of their dreams by buying used. Our preowned, refurbished grand pianos for sale are available at almost half the cost of brand new models. You’ll still experience the gorgeous sound and quality of a high-end piano for much less out of your pocket. There’s no reason to pay more when you can own a like-new piano at half the price. 

To visit our showroom and take a look at any of our Keller area refurbished Steinway pianos, wide assortment of uprights, baby grands, and more, give Award Piano a call today at 817-429-7777 to schedule your personalized tour.