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Colleyville Piano Storage & Moving & Storing My Piano

McBrayer’s Award Piano offers safe and secure Colleyville area piano storage for all makes and models of pianos. Instead of trying to do it yourself do the safe thing and leave the moving and storage in the hands of professionals. We are experienced and have the proper equipment to transport and store your piano properly. We’ve been in business serving the piano needs of local communities here for over 100 years.   We can provide a quote for storing your piano near Colleyville and we also specialize in piano restoration, certified piano appraisals and damage estimates for insurance purposes.

Colleyville Area Piano Storage Service

Based on our experience, we encourage you not to try and do this yourself! A piano is hard to move. It is heavy, hard to handle but delicate at the same time. To properly move one requires customized devices and knowledge to prevent harming the piano or the home around it. The lightest upright pianos made today are still over 350 lbs while the heaviest uprights can weigh closer to  900 – 1200 lbs.  We specialize in all aspects of pianos, including moving and storing them properly. We have the proper equipment, tools and techniques to handle your fine-tuned instrument properly without damaging it. When you select McBrayer’s Award Piano to move and store your piano near Colleyville you can have peace-of-mind that the job is being correctly and that your piano will be handled with care.

So Who Should You Trust?

Our team of piano specialists will protect your investment and have the experience to move your piano regardless of where you are moving it from or moving it to. You deserve to rest easy knowing that your piano is in good hands during the transport and relocation. One small slip can cost thousands of dollars in damage to your piano and surroundings, in addition to the physical risk you may be putting yourself in with a do-it-yourself approach. Let us assist you today with all of your piano moving needs.  

In addition, if you are seeking a safe and secure location to store your piano, McBrayer’s Award Piano offers climate-controlled storage units. We have served clients located throughout North Texas, including residents of Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, Johnson and Parker counties. We can handle all your short-term and long-term piano storage needs, and can provide a quote for your Colleyville area piano moving service needs. We also have a large inventory or qualify refurbished pianos for sale if you are in the market to add an additional piano or are seeking an upgrade from the model you have. 

Call For A Quote Or Showroom

Visit today for professional Colleyville area piano storage you can depend on. McBrayer’s Award Piano will safely care for the moving and storage of your instrument! In order to provide the highest level of customer service for our customers, we work by appointment only in our professional showroom. To schedule a private appointment with one of our experienced team members, call us now at (817)429-7777. One of our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have and talk through your piano needs in detail.